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2021 Achievement
5 numbers to know had the pleasure of providing over 1,163 one-on-one sessions in 2021.

There were 1163 lessons dedicated to Egyptian Arabic, Egyptian culture, and even the Egyptian people.

Our first goal was to provide a product of superior quality that met our clients' expectations and requirements.

Online Study

 1,163 one-on-one sessions


Another goal of is to make learning Egyptian Arabic simple and accessible to everybody on the planet.

In 2021, students from 14 different countries joined one-to-one sessions, bringing the total number of countries served by to 23 countries.

14 new countries

As we believe that education is a fundamental human right, has added over 32 new videos to its YouTube channel 100% free, with each video serving as a complete lesson addressing a specific subject in Egyptian Arabic. to raise up the total amount of videos on the Youtube channel to 296 video

Broadcast Video Camera

32 new video

Wall Clock

The number of hours spent viewing Egyptian Arabic videos on the YouTube channel in 2021 was 6250hours.

6250 YouTube watching hours

In 2021, the number of subscribers, followers, and individuals interested in the Egyptian dialect on YouTube, increased significantly, as it increased by 2140 subscribers in 2021.


2140 new subscriber

Finally, I'd want to express my gratitude for being a part of this success story that we've been building together for almost a decade.

Additionally, allow me to express my gratitude to my administrative staff and technical support team, for their efforts and dedication until 2021.

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