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Egypt is in a Majestic Parade Transport Khufu’s Boat to The Grand Egyptian Museum(GEM)

Khufu boat is an ancient boat that is the largest and oldest wooden boat discovered in Egypt. It dates back to more than 4600 years. On Saturday morning, The Grand Egyptian Museum received King Khufu’s boat, the process of transport took 48 hours.

Khufu’s boat was discovered in the middle of the 50th in the previous century, it was discovered by the Journalist and archeological writer (Kamal Al-malakh). It was found in the southern side of Khufu pyramids in Egypt in a crushed hole, the boat was found as 1200 pieces of a disassembled boat made of wood. The Egyptian restorer Ahmed Youssef Mostafa was one of the legends in restoration science at that time, he is the one that took the responsibility to restorer the boat. The boat was known as the Solar boat at that time.

The ministry of antiquities announced that the transportation of the wooden boat that is 20 tons and its tall 43 meter takes 48 hours from the starting of the transportation from the inside museum in an archeological area in Harem in Cairo till it arrived in the grand Egyptian museum on Saturday. They add that the transportation process aims to protect and preserve the older and biggest organic artifact made of wood in the history of humanity.

The general supervisor of the Grand Egyptian project (Atef Moftal) said that transportation was one of the most complex and unique archaeological engineering projects, emphasizing that transportation was a major challenge “it was done with great protection of the boat, Khufu’s boat was transported as a single piece inside a metal cage carried on a remote-controlled vehicle imported from Belgium especially for the operation of the boat settled in the new location in GEM.

The GEM will be one of the largest and most modern museums in the world and there is an expectation that the museum will be open at the end of 2021. Also, it expects to welcome visitors 3 times more than currently visitors in Tahir Museum.

Finally, the Khufu boat is an ancient boat that is the largest and oldest wooden boat discovered in Egypt and all the human discoveries. It was discovered in 1954 by Kamal Almalakh. Khufu’s boat arrived at the GEM after 48 hours after transportation as a single piece in a metal cage.

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