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Why should I learn Egyptian Arabic?

Egyptian spoken Arabic is the only dialect that can be spoken anywhere in the Middle East and can be understood by many different people, which gives a great value to its speaker.

What you will learn during the sessions?

For sure you will be learning Egyptian Arabic, but it's not only that, in addition to the daily practical communication that will help you in everyday Egyptian Arabic, you will also learn about the culture. 

How you will learn?

As mentioned above, it's all about spoken Egyptian Arabic, so let's take you to practical examples of how the teaching technique goes.

Let's talk about the "Supermarket" lesson. To buy anything from a supermarket in Egypt you will need to know the following things:

1- Names of products.

2- Sizing words (Big, small, etc...)

3- Numbers (to deal with money)

4- Colors (To ask for a certain color)

So what you learn is (1,2,3 & 4), then we go on to build a full conversation. So it's like joining a puzzle together in a smart and fun way.

Are the classes online?

Yes, through Zoom or Google meetings.

Who will be the teacher?

It's me Mr. Ahmed, who will be your private teacher.

What is the cost?

The cost is $21.9 per hour.

How to pay?

PayPal, bank transfer, western union.

What time do the private classes start?

Simply, click (Book Now) and choose the day and time that you like.

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