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If you are ready to learn Egyptian Arabic, then Ahmed is your guy. He teaches you more than just the language, you get an understanding of the culture which is just as important. He is patient, funny and makes learning enjoyable. I feel like I not only have a wonderful teacher, but also a good friend. I am looking forward to meeting him when I go to Egypt. Don't wait, sign up now and begin your journey to Speaking Like an Egyptian!!! Thank you Ahmed for making learning fun!

Sonya- USA



I like very much Ahmed`s videos on Youtube where he is teaching the Egyptian language, that’s why I decided to contact him and asked for possibilities to have private lessons.  I was searching for someone who could teach me this beautiful, but at the same time a very difficult language and found out that he is the best in this area.
What I really like in the learning process is that he is very patient, cleared my doubts when I felt confused and had a feeling that its too complicated :D He really cares about his student`s success and this is what I really appreciate.  
Everything that I have learned was very useful when I was in Egypt, I really felt that these lessons help me a lot in practical life.
Ahmed is very talented, his classes were well – organized and clear, he makes the lessons fun and I know that this was a great choice. You must try! 😉


 A brilliant teacher who is very generous and helping me learn both Egyptian and official Arabic deeply, for 3 years I have been a student of master Ahmed and I improved a lot in my Arabic studies



Habiba- UK

Ahmed and Dalia are nothing but exceptionally professional. Both Ahmed and Dalia took into consideration the following:
Technical issues e.g extra 10 minutes per session for wifi/ internet difficulties showing care for the quality of their occupation They Work with my understanding and at my own pace. My tutor would make sure I am comfortable with my session before moving on to the next stage
Always a feedback session after the lesson to make sure we are on the same page and happy with the speed and service provided that day
All type of methods were used in these sessions e.g written tools, verbal tools and visual tools such as photo’s
A warm family welcome. Both Ahmed and Dalia made me feel satisfied with our lessons as they treated me like a familiar friend. I have always appreciated the kindness they have granted me with
Lessons are exceptionally well priced and the lessons are incredibly beneficial, I have learned the Egyptian Arabic alphabets, numbers, Months and words in general. I am able to travel to Egypt and other countries with Arabic dialect and feel comfortable conversing with Locals or get ask for assistance when traveling, as needed
I thank Ahmed and Dalia for their professionalism, concern for their students and their generosity


 I’m a mother of 4 Egyptian children, whom Mr. Ahmed was teaching my children Egyptian Arabic, Mr. Ahmed is a cooperative person, he can deal with children, he is patient and he can deliver the info to the children in an easy and exciting way,  my kids were really happy with his sessions

Sahar- Canada


Lucy- UK

I really felt I must write to you and thank you for all your help over the past few days.
I feel a lot more confident about my trip to Egypt and speaking Arabic.
You have done more for me in the seven lessons we had so far than my last tutor. Not only have you helped me with all the sentences and phrases I needed you have been a true friend to me.
You have not only helped me with my Arabic you have helped me with my anxiety also. I feel so much calmer.
I am looking forward to our next lesson on Tuesday.
Thanks you a million times!!!


Alistair- UK

Hello everyone, my name is Alistair, I have been learning Egyptian arabic with Ahmed for nearly a year now. In that short time I have really learned a lot. I find his method of teaching very good. He teaches in a natural way. What I mean by that is we discuss different topics with each other. Just like like talking with each other naturally without text books etc.. If I don't understand some words he is saying to me I ask him to repeat and explain their meaning to me. He is extremely friendly and I'm able to relax with him. I do 3 hours a week with him. Also he is very punctual. I thoroughly recommend Ahmed to anyone who is interested in learning Egyptian arabic at any level from beginners through to advanced level.


Sheiren- UK

In March 2019, I visited Egypt for the first time. I had finished studying the basics of the Arabic language in London and was ready to continue my learning in time for my trip to Egypt. After searching for a fun and interactive video (soon giving up!) I found Ahmed's videos on Youtube. I trusted my gut and contacted him. We connected and I explained my reasons for learning Arabic and so on. Ahmed's thirst for sharing his knowledge and experience is evident. He is patient, organized and very committed. Whilst my schedule of work did not allow me to fully commit to our lessons; Ahmed became a huge support system to my trip right from the planning stages. I had hit a few bumps and was very close to canceling my trip, but Ahmed was always available to ease my mind and reassure me. 
We finally met in Cairo, along with his lovely wife, Dalia. Words cannot express how grateful I am for Ahmed and his family. Even during my hardest days, Ahmed was there. I had contracted a terrible stomach bug and had no one to turn to for help, by this time it was 11 pm and I urgently needed help. Having a history of stomach problems and being far from home didn't make my situation any easier. That night, I wouldn't have made it through without Ahmed. Connections and beautiful memories were made. 
My family got bigger 🧡💛❤
You are a wonderful teacher and friend but most importantly a wonderful human.

Thank you for being YOU,

From your friend, your sister,

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