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Our vision

Our company is an online academy created in 2013.

Speak Like an Egyptian online academy, is your home to learn how to speak like an Egyptian, we teach you how to speak, read and write in Egyptian Arabic, that is done through teaching you private online classes by the help of professional Egyptian Arabic teachers and clear academic track, to achieve the needed Egyptian Arabic level in the shortest time and effort ever.


Everything started a long time ago...

Speak like an Egyptian academy vision is targeting to be your 1st choice to learn Egyptian Arabic. You should choose "Speak Like An Egyptian Academy", because it’s managed with highly educated Egyptian Arabic teachers, in addition to the quality team who always ensures that you are having the best service.

The real thing you will gain by joining the Speak like an Egyptian academy is you will consider it as your 1st warm home in Egypt. By joining Speak like an Egyptian academy you will find the guide and consultancy to anything you need in Egypt, it’s not just the Egyptian Arabic language, it's also the culture.

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