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Kebash road, a new monument in Luxor, 8858ft long

The Kabbash Road runs between the Temple of the Luxor to the Temple of Karnak, connecting the two temples. It began from the beach on Faysih Street, with statues of the Abo Hull which we discovered in the temples of Karnak that were shaped like the Abo Hull with the head of the Kabbash, as well as the Kabbash here symbolizes the god Amun, possibly to defend and raise the temple. Kabash Road was conceived in 2007 and is still going strong in 2017. Until 2002, they just discovered 64 monuments, but the new Kabbash Road will have 1059 monuments of Kabbash, within 2700m long (8858ft).

Some people believe that the notion of reopening the Kabbash Road is new, although it dates back to 2007 when the State initiated efforts to develop and rehabilitate the road and encountered a number of obstacles until the practical resumption of the project began in 2017 through mechanical and chemical clean-ups, as well as the collection of a number of Kabbas and remnants or parts thereof from those previously discovered by Antiquities.

Kebash Road in luxor

The grand opening of the new Kabbash road, which will connect the 2700 meter road between the Temple of Karnak in the north and the Temple of the Shortest South, where there are 1059 "Kabbash" monuments on both sides of the road in a lovely archaeological setting. During the ancient Pharaonic era, a vast number of kings constructed the Kabbash. Each little Kabash is mediated by a statue of the ruler who commissioned it.

Luxor's preparation for road opening
Big opening preparation

The opening of the Kabash Road in Luxor is a global event for which the governorate is preparing along the archaeological road called the Grand Parade Road, which was used by the ancient Egyptians for all important events. The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities explained that the celebration of the Kabbash Road in Luxor is held unique way, dazzling Egyptians and the rest of the world to promote the beauty of Egypt and Luxor, but the ceremonial would not resemble the mummy procession.

Kabash road will be added to 100s of Egyptian monuments and secrets that we discover every day, and that makes us realize how great the Egyptian old civilization was.


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