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Salah El-din Castle in Cairo, Egypt

Salah El-din castle, which is also known as (the citadel). Built between 1176 and 1183 in the center of the city, exactly on Mokattam hill which is located in Cairo, Egypt. The castle considers one of the most famous and popular places in Cairo and the main important feature of Islamic. In the castle, you can show many important events of Egyptian history and the political life of Egypt in ancient times.

Salah El-din started to build the Castle on up Al-Mokattam in (1193-1171), but the Sultan Kamel Al-Adel completes it in (1207), he was the first one to live in the castle and it continued to be a place for the rule of Egypt until Khedive Ismail who changes the location to the Abdeen palace in the 19th century.

The best tourist activities you can do in the Salah El din castle:

* You can visit the mosques inside the castle-like Mohmed Ali Basha mosque, Alqlaween mosque (1317), and Soliman Basha Mosque (1528).

* The castle also has some archaeological Museums like the police museum, the royal chariots museum, and the military museum.

* Also, you can go up to the top of the castle from where you can see Cairo, where you can take some beautiful pictures for memories because you will see one of the beautiful scenics.

* You have to visit the Jewellery palace museum. The name is referred to the last wife of Mohamed Ali Basha her name (Hanem ) .the museum built-in in 1814, it contains the governor’s department, also it was used as the governors’ residence. The palace wall is designed with gold inscription it looks like the Ottoman architecture. One of the main places in the palace is the clock hall, as they used the clock to design the wall of the palace.

Time to visit Salah El-din castle:

Anyone can visit the castle all the weak from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Finally, I would like you to visit Salah El-din castle to see how it is amazing. You will see many important events of Egyptian history, and the political life of Egypt in ancient times.

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