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Travel Experience in Egypt

- You name and where are you from 🤗

My name is Chiara, but my Egyptian friends call me Aya. I’m Italian but living in Spain.

- When did you come to Egypt and for how long

I went for a week at the end of September 2021

-What places had you visited in Egypt

I visited the following places: khan al Khalili, museum, Nasr city, Al Shoroq, Tahrir square, Cairo tower, the pyramids, 6th of October panorama, new administrative city, Alfattah al Aleem mosque.

- What was the best place and worst place?

There was no worst place for me. Everything was new and different from where I am from and when I travel I always do it with an open mind and a non-judgmental outlook.

-What was the worst experience you had in Egypt?

It was being in the middle of Egyptian traffic! Honestly, this is something that made me very scared because I am not used to driving in such crazy and messy traffic. I don’t know how Egyptian people can handle it without getting in a car crash every 10 minutes 😂

- What was the positive thing about Egpyt, that you didn't expect to find.

I was very surprised by the outlook that Egypt has on the future of the country. They have a modern and technological outlook to improve the country in the next century. The new administrative city is impressive and I love the fact that they strive for better the whole time.

-What do you think about the Egyptian people?

I think Egyptians are incredibly warm people. I wasn’t expecting to be welcomed in that beautiful way by any people I met, especially strangers. I had a sense of living in a big community the whole time and that people around me were my brothers and sisters. If there would be a place where I would live for a time frame in the middle east, it would definitely be Egypt.


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